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Plain Language Material

This page contains plain language booklets of the laws on this website. Each booklet is in a simple Q&A format.


Click on the tabs below to read in your preferred language.

This collection was made with grant assistance from Australian Aid and in partnership with Lexis Nexis Southeast Asia.

Plain Language Material (Combined)

All our plain language information in a single PDF

List of Offences and Penalties

A compilation of all the offences and penalties outlined in the laws on our website

Family Act

Plain language booklets related to family issues such as custody, maintenance, marriage, divorce, and more.

Domestic Violence

Plain language booklets about domestic violence, protection orders, and other measures

Sexual Harassment and Abuse

Plain language booklets about sexual harassment and sexual offenses

Child Rights

Plain language booklets about child rights, and duties and responsibilities of other parties towards children

Gender Equality

Plain language summary of key points in the Gender Equality Act

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