Handbook on Child Sexual Abuse Awareness

A short information pack on pertinent child sexual abuse topics, produced in tandem with our awareness sessions on Child Sexual Abuse.

This pack is only available in Dhivehi. It cannot be used as a substitute for legal or psychological advice.

Child Sexual Abuse Awareness

Toolkit on Combatting Workplace Sexual Harassment

This toolkit is designed for human resource departments, members of the committee for prevention of sexual harassment, and other employees.

It provides helpful information on sexual harassment, how to assist others, how to report a case, and on responsibilities of employers.

This toolkit cannot be used as a substitute for legal advice.

Laws & Regulations

A collection of laws and English translations of legislations related to family, domestic violence, sexual abuses and harassment, and gender equality.

This collection was made with grant assistance from Australian Aid and in partnership with Lexis Nexis Southeast Asia.

Survivor's Support Group

Survivor's Support Group is a pilot project initiated by FLC for women who has suffered from domestic violence and other familial issues. 

To download registration form click on the download button to the left

Court Forms & Form Filling Guideline

Downloadable court forms in areas of Family Issues & Domestic Violence and our website version of form filling guideline

Handbook on Prevention of Domestic Violence Law

Handbook highlights available services and legal information on prevention of domestic violence

Radio Series in Collaboration with VFM

Radio series developed in collaboration with VFM 99 that addresses common issues of domestic violence.